Chocolate Banana Smoothie: How Long Does It Take?

How long does it take to make a smoothie? Depends on the smoothie, really, the number of ingredients, and whether you have everything prepped and ready for the blender. I timed myself making my Chocolate Banana Smoothie tonight. (It might have made me move a little faster than usual 😉.) And the grand total was … More Chocolate Banana Smoothie: How Long Does It Take?

Coconut Kale Smoothie 

If you’re not used to green smoothies, this recipe is a great introduction. It’s mild, it’s creamy, full of alkalizing greens, healthy fats, immune modulating colostrum, and collagen protein, and it’s the most delicious smoothie that I’ve had to date.

Breakfast is a Victory

Breakfast is a victory. I love breakfast. Breakfast means that I feel well enough to get up and feed myself, before noon! That’s awesome. Think of how many people there are in the world battling something that keeps them from breakfast. …Homelessness, chemo, poverty…checking one’s phone upon waking and being sucked into an Internet vortex … More Breakfast is a Victory