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Hi! I’m Simone Gardner. Thank you for visiting my food blog!

When I was in my last semester of college, my health, which had always been rocky, completely collapsed. I lost 37 pounds in 6 months and saw many different doctors, one of whom told me I had a terminal genetic condition and wouldn’t live past my mid-forties.

I was devastated.

I stayed that way for a while, and then I started spending every moment I was awake scouring medical journals and books, determined to find a cure for my condition. Instead, what I found was that I had been misdiagnosed. My problem wasn’t coming from my mitochondria, and it wasn’t neurological, either — those were just symptoms. The source of my disease began in my gut.

I tested positive for gluten intolerance on a blood test. 6 weeks after giving up gluten, I was no longer bedridden, but going gluten-free wasn’t enough. Over the next several years, I learned I was actually battling several intestinal diseases (SIBO, IBS, and Gut Dysbiosis), as well as parasitic infections in my intestines and blood.

It took 5 years to find the right physicians and the right treatments to finally heal my gut and rid myself of parasites, and my healing journey has really only just begun. 5 months ago, I didn’t think I’d be alive today. Now, I plan to be healthy and happy for a very long time.

I follow the paleo diet featured in Dr. Terry Wahl’s book, The Wahl’s Protocol, as much as possible, with two exceptions: I eat some goat dairy and cage-free eggs, both of which are prohibited on her protocol. I have only started eating them recently, though. For a long time, I followed Wahl’s Paleo very strictly. And I have been on the GAPS Diet, the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, and Leaky Gut Diet and others.

It’s my hope that the recipes posted on this blog will help you eat some yummy foods while taking control of your health. If you like these recipes and would like to receive posts directly in your inbox, please subscribe using the signup form in the sidebar.

To Good Health!

Simone Gardner

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