Eat Healthy in 5 Minutes: Poached Egg and Kimchi Salad


Eating healthy may sound intimidating, but you can do it! Even if you have only five minutes, you can put together a delicious and nourishing organic meal.

In the video above I made a Poached Egg and Kimchi Salad using all organic ingredients. The total cost for this meal was approximately $3.10, which includes the cost of the filtered water I used to poach the eggs. See? Not only can eating healthy be fast, but it can also be affordable. 😄

This video ignores the time I spent buying groceries or waiting for the water to boil. But if you keep your fridge stocked (meaning you buy groceries once or twice a week), you can make healthy recipes like this Poached Egg and Kimchi Salad easily.

If you’re super-short-on-time, heat your water in a microwave for 60 seconds on high, then carefully pour the boiling water into your saucepan and follow the rest of the recipe as shown. Then, this recipe really is ready in only 5 minutes!!

The most important factor in your health and happiness is what you put on your plate. Feeding yourself recipes like these will not only save you money over processed food, it will improve your health, decreasing your risk of diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart attack, and mental illness. Eating healthy can save your life.

You don’t have to be perfect to eat well! Start with easy steps.

I appreciate your comments and shares. 💕

Thank you for reading and watching!


Music: Pisco Sour on the YouTube Audio Library (No artist specified)

Thank you, Gretchen and Ringo, for the sweet cat face!


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